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HALLELUJAH! here comes the Rain!

…and with it a fresh outlook, a cleaner palate and new pools to reflect on past events.

I’m moving back home soon, and I cherish the luxury of taking my time to switch spaces – despite a month on various couches and three weeks with my own room around the corner from where I actually pay rent.  I’m grateful for the ability to clean top-to-bottom before moving anything in, because only I can clean how I want to.

I still see bolts of lightning in the distance.  The sky is working its symphonic magic somewhere close by, always leaving traces of beauty behind.  On my way back to the house, I looked left over the sea of urban greenscape stretching west from the M1 through Parktown.  Rains in the horizon looked like broad brushstrokes of charcoal dust over a cool canvas stretch of peach.  A reminder that contrasts are ever-present and always necessary.  It takes a bit of dirt sometimes to get things clean, and in special moments like those, the striking beauty of opposites is more than enough to wash away the anxieties of cognitive dissonance.

“For,” to borrow from Gibrahn “in the dew of little things the sun finds its morning and is refreshed.”

So just imagine the effects of torrentially chaotic midday thunderstorms on the Highveld.  EISH!



today…(all-the-way LIVE, from Brooklyn, somewhere in Prospect Park)

yes, i know this is backwards.


another day…(all-the-way LIVE, from South Africa, somewhere along the N3)

Lots of love to you both!