A few months back, before the “cold” set in, I was resigned to shell out big bux for multiple gas heaters, electric blanket and special curtains.  No so.  Here’s a list of my survival basics (in order of puchase)

Round 1 (April)
* King size down duvet-inner for my double bed
*5 fin oil heater (stays on in the bedroom – since late April)
* portable 3-ber halogen heater with rotation option

Round 2 (June)
* tiny fan heater (BEST PURCHASE EVER…heats entire bedroom and circulates 5-fan heater heat…for R150)

* a deep bathtub and functioning hot water
* big fluffy bathrobe
* knee socks without toe-holes

When it gets “reeeeeeaaally cold”
* firewood, kindling, fire lighters & newspaper
* ol’skool hot water bottle

That’s it!

So it’s either winters aren’t so bad, I’ve got the essentials down, or my cottage is a South African enigma – old construction with some impressive penchant for solar conversion and heat retention.

I don’t require additions, but please feel free to add your own 🙂