For Keith Elam, my Morehouse Brother – Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal (GURU)

The Universe seems to teach in themes…simultaneous events of similar character test foundation, offer perspective or steer course elsewhere. Today, yesterdar, the day prior, the Universe gices but can just as quickly withdraw.

My lent car – mobility
Automomous taska @ work – agency
House keys – accessibility
Busy schedules of friends – availability

And yet I am here. Focused on progress not stuck in my struggle. I remember my first BBM statys…pre *Nobuhle: “I don’t have it all figured out. Just working with today and a series of tomorrows.”. Work with it, with them.

Things are changing, and always will. Let them be and adjust accordingly, while maintaining foundation, purpose and intention. Offer the Universe perspectives, for its gifts…and takes.