This morning’s breakfast, to heaven with guava::koeajwel::guayaba and passion fruit::grenadilla::maracuya that scented the office kitchen; yogurt and granola 🙂

The availability and diversity of produce in SA is admirable, especially considering most is locally grown (not imported).  Farmer struggles are a reality…will speak of ET’s untimely demise at a later date (and farmer suicides on the other side of the coin), but damn production is incredible.  Though not everything looks the same (different strains of greens most apparent), and things aren’t as overinflated/genetically modified as in the PathMarks/Rouse’s/Safeways/Publix some know, they’re all readily available and locally grown – which is my preference.  Though ultimately my preference is for things that taste good, and these deliver.  I appreciate the joy and discipline of cooking and eating seasonally – this was my first guava of the year, and I smelled their availability down the street.

I have a weekly ritual in Yeoville.  The market. Saves time, money and sanity.

For less than R50 ($6.88 at today’s exchange rate), I get everything for the week.  Fruits from Robert, my favorite Ghanaian vendor…referred courtesy of Tangai.  Veg from him and my other favorite Mma and her son deeper in the market.  I buy black-eyed peas, cassava flour and other staples of my African diet that are overpriced/unavailable in chain stores and underutilized by standard South African palates.