…why’d u take so long to come to me? And Love, Love, your Love…why u keep hiding from me? All the tiiiime….

I woke up this morning with this song ringing in my head. The madness. Frantically searching for a video or file via Blackberry…SUCCESS!!! And an mp3 replete with cracklins of an LP. The only kinda Bacon I can stand. Morning YUMM! I miss this lil 45 back in NOLA šŸ˜¦ For the heck of last year’s sake, I downloaded Stevie too.

I’m prompted to make a “Weekend Cleanin’ Grooves” playlist now, with Donny at the top. Although I don’t know if they ever played this one in my earshot, I’m reminded of Rhythm Revues. A grateful weekly indoctrination courtesy of Felix Hernandez and my Mom. Reminders of sunshine Sundays, riding Broadway, piano lessons, maybe an H&H Bagel @ Zabars, and coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel. Ā The Bliss of just entering double digits!

Yes…the list. It’s coming.

Check this original version. Ā Had no clue Donny was a cover. Ā AMAZING!